Community Health Improvement Plan

The development of this plan is an assessment process that brings together a representation of Langlade County residents every five years. This plan should be used as a guide by community agencies interested in improving the health and safety of Langlade County members. It is anticipated that this document will be used as a reference and foundation for many efforts within the county.

Creating healthy communities requires a high level of mutual understanding and collaboration with community individuals and partner groups. This health plan is being presented to Langlade County members so that we can work together as partners to make our community a healthier, safer place to live. It is with the help of you and others who will read and discuss this plan and assist with the strategies that we will assure a healthy community. We invite you to become involved with this project by contacting us at the Langlade County Health Department at (715) 627-6250.

Follow the link to view a copy of the Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP)

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