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Human Health Hazard Investigation

Human Health Hazard Investigation in Langlade County, Wisconsin

The Health Department is mandated by the state to follow up on any health hazard complaints. These complaints can be made about all residential homes in Langlade County, both rentals and owner-occupied. Examples of health hazards include mold, garbage accumulation, clutter/hoarding, structural issues, meth production, lack of heat or water, insect infestation, etc. Health code violations that are detected on a property are required to be addressed within the timeframe given by the Health Officer or the property may be posted as uninhabitable.


Indoor Air Assessment

Radon test kits (short term) are available for a minimal fee to test the level of Radon in your home.  Results are sent to you within 2-4 weeks.  Radon is a naturally occurring, odorless radioactive gas that enters buildings from the ground. Homes with high levels are found in all regions of Wisconsin. The levels vary greatly within neighborhoods, so everyone should test their home.

Investigation and Control of Food and Water Borne Illness

There are a set of diseases that the Health Department is required to monitor. When a patient from Langlade County has a positive test result for one of these specific diseases, no matter where the testing occurred, the lab directly sends us the information. We are then required by the State of Wisconsin to follow up with the patient and conduct an interview to collect information relevant to the disease. This allows us to track any commonalities if an outbreak were to occur, and helps us to control the source of the illness.

Rabies Control Plan

Law enforcement receives all reports of animal bites and initiates a written report. Within 24 hours, the Health Department is notified regarding the initiation of a quarantine order. The quarantine of the animal lasts for 10 days. If the animal is a stray, it will be kept at the humane society or veterinary clinic, or, if the animal has an owner, it may be kept on the property of the owner with restrictions. The animal may be released after the 10 days only if a veterinarian certifies that it has exhibited no signs of rabies. The Health Department follows up with the victim to confirm completion or denial of the rabies vaccine series. For stray animals, the Health department also gives permission to submit lab specimens for testing at the State Lab of Hygiene.

Well Water Test

Well Water Test Kits are available free of charge to individuals who have children between the ages of 6 months and 16 years old in their household, and want their water tested for fluoride.  When results are mailed back to you, the individual can bring the test result to Langlade County Health Department to receive fluoride drops or tablets according to the age of the child and test results.

Are you planning or have you built a new home?  Need to have your well tested?  Contact the Land Records and Regulations office, (715) 627-6206, for more information.


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